Waterproofing Your Basement From the Outside In

We have talked about the three different types of basement waterproofing in an earlier post, but we didn’t go into too much detail. Today, I want to dive into waterproofing your basement from the exterior of your home.

Here are a few subjects to consider when going this route.


While exterior waterproofing is the most effective, it is also the most expensive fix. If you think you need to go the exterior route, consider these steps to make your final decision. The national average for an exterior waterproofing job can run between $8,700 and $14,500, dependent on where you live. It can be more than that depending on accessibility to the foundation and how much excavating will be needed.

If you have invested in landscaping, you need to add the cost of doing the landscaping again.


Depending on the extent of the job, permits might be required for the excavation. Seven- or eight-foot deep trenches on all sides of the home poses a danger.

Make sure you work with a contractor who considers safety first and is experienced with digging for these projects and bracing the trenches.


DO NOT schedule this project during the rainy season. You could end up with a moat around your house, and it will cost to have it pumped out.

Contractors are filling up their schedules this time of year, and as of this posting, ACEWBS is booked through May with interior waterproofing projects. So be sure to schedule an exterior waterproofing project during the dry season. Contractors are filling up their schedules this time of year, mostly with interior waterproofing projects.