Rebuild Your Foundation or Not

When your basement walls begin to leak, the most obvious course of action would be to call in the experts to get to the root of the leaking source and fix it. But what if the problem is too big? And the bowing of the walls has been neglected for too long and is beyond the point where a bracing system or waterproofing installation to relieve any hydrostatic pressure is no longer sufficient.

The next suggestion would be to do a rebuild of the entire foundation. It is a costly repair yet cheaper than buying a new home, maybe.

So, ask yourself what your end goal is for the house.

  • Do you plan on moving out in a few years, or will this be your last house?
  • Do you want to make money on the sale of your home? If you want to make a profit on the sale, then repairing will help sell it. No one wants to buy a home with a bad foundation.

Be aware that a house on the market with known water leaking or foundation issues can make the house's value drop by30% than if the problems have been fixed with waterproofing, bracing, or other solutions.

On average, foundation rebuilds can take anywhere up to two weeks, maybe a little longer depending on the severity. It is important to know that it might include excavating one or more of the exterior walls.