Foundation Repairs

When these homeowners realized how bad their foundation was, they reached out to ACE to handle the repair!

When the home was built, the sill plate was never anchored to the foundation. This paired with unbalanced soil pressure caused by expansive clay soil, caused the wall to tip inward over five inches! The home was resting on the foundation by the floor joists which is a major structural concern! Yikes!!

We immediately came in and installed some temporary bracing to ensure the wall wouldn't collapse and then excavated the exterior to relieve the soil pressure.

We were then able to bring in our heavy duty lifting jacks to lift the house about 3'' back to its original elevation and with the help of our 50 ton bottle jacks we were able to push the wall back straight and lower the house back onto it.

We then installed our Carbon-Kevlar Fortress Stabilization Systems Invisibeams and injected all the cracks, paired with Fortress's Carbon-Kevlar grid stitches to ensure a lifetime repair on this wall.

The end result left some very happy homeowners who could now sleep easy at night and enjoy all of their windows and doors above opening like they should with the house no longer settled 3".

Call on ACE Waterproofing and Basement Solutions, LLC for all your foundation repair needs!