Say Goodbye to Sunken Concrete

Hire us for expert concrete repair services in Le Claire, IA and the Quad Cities

Are you tired of seeing sunken, uneven concrete in and around your home? Team up with ACE Waterproofing & Basement Solutions for concrete repair services in the Le Claire, IA area. With our team of experts working on your property, concrete raising can be easy, clean and only half the price of replacing your existing concrete.

Call us at 563-449-2678 now to set up an appointment for your concrete raising services.

Why does concrete settle?

There are many different factors that can eventually lead to your concrete settling or sinking into the ground. These include:

  • Poor soil conditions
  • Poor compaction
  • Tree roots
  • Inefficient drainage
  • Improper backfilling

We can raise your sunken concrete to be level with its surroundings and make sure it doesn't sink again. For more information about our concrete repair services, reach out to our team today.