A Flooded Basement During Spring Break? Don't Let This Happen to You

Spring breaks are starting in approximately two months. While some of us are not flying the friendly skies yet, many are planning road trips for vacation. Doesn't a break sound good right now?

So your bags are packed, and you're on your way. But when you get home, it appears that your basement walls took a break too. Now you're tasked with trying to find someone to fix the problem(s). In the meantime, here are a few DIY's that you might be able to do. But the best bet is always a professionally installed drain tile system.

  1. Waterproofing paint: This is much like regular wall paint. And like regular wall paint, you'll need two coats.
  2. Concrete waterproofing: This has a cement-like consistency and will permanently adhere to concrete and masonry.
  3. Silicate-based concrete sealers: This material will not peel or flake off. The walls will absorb the sealer and form a waterproof surface.

Having your basement waterproofed professionally is always the best route. Yes, it is the most costly option. However, addressing the problem right away will hinder further damage to your home. Remember, the walls of your basement support your entire home. Don't come off vacation to find your basement flooded.

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